Can I do 7 day water fast?


You must be wondering if fasting for 7 days is healthy or not, then you can go through this blog to learn about this. You will collect all the facet related to 7 days water fasting.

7 Day water fast – What is it?

Fasting for a week might have some result in adverse health, metabolic changes like dehydration, loss of lean muscle mass, sodium, calcium, magnesium, acidic urine, etc. 

As per the 12 hours of fasting your body will begin to run out of the stored muscles and in this fast, breaking down as well as oxidizing of fat for energy requirement is done in place of carbohydrates. 

After your water fast is over, it is necessary to strategize what you are going to eat after your fast. You can begin with fermented foods, bone broth, cooked vegetables, etc after your fast is over, or you can also consult with a doctor about your diet. 

We believe all the necessary details which we have offered to you about the 7 day fast has been useful for you in all ways and you were successful in learning this fast and what you will get from it.