Without Bleach Dye Your Dark Hair in Purple

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Purple has become the trend in the hair colour world. Whether talking about the highlights or the global hair colour, It is necessary to follow all the prior and after-dye safety key points to maintain the good health of your hair. 


Select a perfect purple shade for your dark hair that will enhance your tone and personality. Now can you dye dark hair purple? Let's check.

Consider Some Key Points Before Dying Your Hair

You should be very careful while colouring dark hair purple as your hair plays the biggest role in enhancing your personality. 

  • Hair Wash: Wash your hair with deep cleansing ammonia-free shampoo and conditioner before 1 week of dying at least.

  • Choose the correct shade: The dye shade you will choose may show different results depending upon the natural colour of your hair. 

Permanent hair colour includes some harsh chemicals like ammonia that will lighten the dark hair and then will give purple colour to them. The colour stays on the hair for longer.

Semi hair colour stays on your hair not for so long and will directly apply to your dark hair. So choose the shade accordingly as it can modify the final result 

  • Patch test: It is always recommended to do a patch test before applying any product. The chemicals may discomfort your skin. Use your inner elbow for a dye patch test.


How to Dye Dark Hair Purple at Home

  • Wear an old tee

  • Ease the process of applying by partitioning the hair into smaller strands 

  • Mix the hair colour as specified on the pack and apply evenly on each strand

  • Leave the colour on the hair for at least 30 minutes or as specified on the pack

  • Wash them with running water and apply conditioner to nourish 

  • Let them dry naturally for the better result 



  • Take deep conditioning treatments to recover the health

  • Use shampoos and conditioners- that are sulphate free.

  • Minimise heat exposure to your purple hair and use heat protectants.

  • The purple hair dye for dark hair still may fade. So regularly take treatment from Health Groovy.


Contact Health Groovy for Skin or Hair Care

You will be required to take genuine care of your hair and even skin as well because dying can harm your health or skin. But don't worry, even if you are living a busy schedule, Health Groovy can prove a one-stop for all such issues. Contact them and get happy skin and hair in your favourite colour.



Show off your hair in a new vibrant shade i.e. purple. Just follow the key points to follow before applying the dye and aftercare process strictly.