How to Find Your Erotic Blueprint

We all are always looking for the latest tips and tricks to get your sex life more exciting. 

A new method was discovered recently to take things in your bedroom to the next level and you will get optimum enjoyment which is called the erotic blueprint.


We will discuss Erotic Blueprint in the given article. So, let’s explore with us.


What is an Erotic Blueprint


An erotic blueprint is defined as the map to your primary sex style, your likes, and your dislikes. It includes what type of pleasure you enjoy most and all your moves during the sex that makes you reach at the orgasm level. The famous sex specialist Jaya has discovered the five erotic blueprint that helps people to know about themselves and their partners which makes both of them most aroused.

Here are the Five Erotic blueprints


The first one is Energetic: in which being most energetic is good and this type of person is aroused by space, teasing, and anticipation. They can be more sensitive even in less touching.


The second is “Sensual”: it is all about the vibes around you that you can like while having a sex. People who have a sensual sexual blueprint may feel the taste, smell sight, light candles, and play romantic music to reach orgasm level.


Third is “Sexual”: The person having a sexual blueprint is more focused on nudity and deep genital penetration and gets the optimum enjoyment of sex.


 Fourth is “Kinky”:  Kinky erotic blueprints people are excited by the sexual activities that are played around them to gain the orgasm of sex.


Fifth is “Shapeshifter”:  All of the aforementioned Sexual blueprints make them arouse who are shapeshifters. They have the cravings for varieties and are considered discoverers of the various blueprints. The latest techniques and trips are the key to making them satisfied.


So, find out what type of Erotic blueprints you have to get the maximum satisfaction with your partner in your bedroom.

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